Paths and Traditions Fair 2017

A Fair for Those who are New or Seeking

Saturday, 14 January 2017

10 am - 4 pm

Jefferson Unitarian Church
14350 W 32nd Ave
Golden, Colorado 80401

Pagan and Polytheist religions include many different groups and traditions. It is a rich and diverse community; come find out what your local community has to offer!

The Paths and Traditions Fair is an open house event to start you on your spiritual way, to find others following your same path, or to better understand your fellow Pagans.

You will have the opportunity to speak directly with representatives of multiple different Pagan and Polytheistic traditions, discover opportunities for practice, and reach out to those who may be interested in joining your group. Throughout the day, groups will be presenting short introductions on their traditions in the classrooms.

How to participate:

Individuals who are looking to connect with representatives of area groups are welcome to drop by during the day.

If you are interested in representing your group or tradition, please contact Chris and Kelley at

Groups and Traditions in Attendance

Cró Dreoilín - Colorado Celtic Reconstructionist Pagans

We are a group of men and women in Colorado dedicated to rediscovering and connecting with the ways of the Pagan Celts. Guided by modern scholarship and inspiration, we hope to create a community that honors our Gods, Ancestors and the Daoine Sidhe; strengthens our ability to be true to our values and recognizes the poetry and spirit in the world around us.

Contact: Chris & Kelley



John Conley, an elemental wizard and author of Quantum Magic, has studied the occult for over 50 years. Although founded in elemental magic, he has studied several magical systems.

Contact: John Conley


Oakwood Crescent

"Have you been looking for a Teacher, or Mentor, and found it to be a nearly impossible search?
Are you an experienced Witch, looking for a group to work with?
My name is Greyhart, and I teach Witchcraft. I call what I teach, a modified form of Gardnerian Wicca. What that means is that I use traditional methods for teaching, and very traditional forms for ritual. Any Gardnerian coming to my ritual would immediately recognize it.
The difference is that I have modified some elements in ways that work better for me. This is the basis of Witchcraft. By teaching a traditional form, I give my students a foundation that they can then build on. Once they have completed the course, they have a baseline by which to compare new ideas and techniques, to determine what works best for them.
This is not for the curious. Students make a weekly commitment for at least a year and a day. They become provisional members of Oakwood Crescent, and work along side the other members. If they complete the course, students are given the opportunity to Initiate, and become full members, if they choose to.
Not all who apply, will be accepted.
Experienced Witches are also welcome. We hold Open Sabbats, where we encourage anyone to join us for ritual. This gives you a chance to see what we do, and gives us a chance to get to know you. We are not looking to become some Mega Coven. We emphasize quality over quantity. We only accept Witches of the highest standards into our group.
Some people think being exclusive is a bad thing. We don't. We want to do incredible things, spiritually, and magickally. That requires people who are serious about their spiritual growth, and take responsibility for their own actions and deeds.
If this sounds intreguing, come find us."

Contact: Greyhart



The Paths and Traditions Fair 2017 is a project of Cró Dreoilín and JUCCUUPs.