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Latha na Cailliche - Cailleach Day

22 March 2015, 10 am

Grant Frontier Park, Evans and South Platte River Trail, Denver, Colorado.

Come and help us celebrate the triumph of Spring over Winter!

Gather at 10 am, celebration starts at 11 am. As we did last year, we'll head to IHOP for pancakes, afterwards.

Taking it Deeper: Ideas for Personal Participation in the Celebration and the Season:

-- Bring a sprig of evergreen to be blessed.

-- Women, wear an easily-removed veil for your hair.

-- It is traditional for kids to receive gifts of eggs and to cook and eat them outdoors the next day. Let us know if you will be bringing children, as we will bring eggs to give to each kid to eat on Monday morning. Encourage them to handle as much of the cooking themselves as they are able to and allow them to eat it outside.

-- Bring personal offerings for Bride, Angus and/or the Cailleach, if you wish.

-- It's traditional to get a haircut in this season.

-- If you decorate eggs, save their shells after eating help us decorate a May Bush at La Bealtaine.

-- Though we won't be having a potluck feast for this celebration, here is a list of traditional and seasonal foods for you to enjoy at home:
- pancakes
- venison
- eggs
- rabbits
- goats
- seaweed
- cheese and cultured dairy
- goose
- fish, esp herring
- corned beef
- cake
- greens, especially dandelion
- root vegetables

It can sometimes be hard to find this park; GPS often gets directions wrong. Here's how you get there:
- Find your best route to Santa Fe and Evans.
- Head west on Evans.
- Turn just before you get to the South Platte River. It is labeled South Huron Street on one side and South Platte River Drive East on the other.
- If you have crossed the river going west, you've gone too far. Head back to the east side of the river.
- The short road ends in a parking lot. You're there; come finds us.


Sunday, 5 April 2015

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Keith's Coffee Bar, 2450 South Downing, Denver

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